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Image of a padlock representing secure file sharing rules must be followed

Secure File Sharing: What You Need to Know

It is not uncommon for patients and health professionals to send their medical records or other sensitive data via email attachments and popular file-sharing platforms like Dropbox and Google Drive in today's digital world.

Image of a man writing a HIPAA Compliant text

HIPAA Compliant Texting: What You Need to Know

HIPAA compliant texting is the transmission of information via text messaging that ensures that protected health information (PHI) remains confidential and secure. Learn everything you need to know to stay HIPAA compliant whilst texting.

Image of graph showing size of HIPAA compliant cloud storage market

HIPAA Compliant Storage: What You Need to Know

While most healthcare professionals know the importance of patient confidentiality concerning their medical records, many would be surprised to learn that HIPAA-compliant cloud storage is a legal requirement.

HIPAA Compliant Email

HIPAA Compliant Email: What You Need to Know

As a healthcare professional, you likely use email to communicate with colleagues, suppliers and patients daily. But, do you ensure that your email messages are HIPAA compliant?