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"We chose to work with Central Data Storage because as a dental clinic we needed to not only ensure our data was backed up and available, but that it was HIPAA-compliant at all times. The Central Data Storage team have been great to work with – very friendly, always on hand to help and clearly experts when it comes to data recovery management. Thank you."

Dr. Condello @ Oceans Dental


Here are some reasons why you should switch to Central Data Storage today

  • 1. Work with the experts on HIPAA compliant data backup and recovery

    Unlike other companies, we are different. We wrote our software, we built our infrastructure and our engineers who wrote the software are at the forefront of our excellent Support team.

    We are specialists in data backup and recovery. It is what we do. Every night we back up over 1,100 devices and handle over 655,000,000,000 files a month, in nearly every state across the U.S.

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  • 2. Our excellent customer service – we are here to help

    Every year you are legally required to update your HIPAA policy.

    There are 3 main requirements which mean you must have the following in place:

    • A Backup Plan

    • A Disaster Recovery Plan

    • An Emergency Mode Operation Plan

    You must also carry out (and pass) a HIPAA internal audit. This is to look for any gaps in your security, review any changes required and educate your staff of these changes, providing further training where necessary.

    On top of the exceptional support we provide our customers every day, we also provide individual annual data assessments to assure you are backing up the right data that will protect your patients' and employees' data and your practice's reputation.

    If practice data was compromised or lost this could have devastating repercussions. Our goal is to get your practice back up and running within 24 hours.

    Before your next annual policy update and internal audit, why not book a FREE data assessment and experience what our customers experience as standard.

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How we helped Dover Dental Clinic

"Thanks again so much Brandon for your conscientiousness and understanding how crucial this situation was for our office.
We are in a small town so access to resources can be very limited and by you going above and beyond ensured that we can take care of that many more patients who need to be seen, including those who are in pain. Not to mention this means being able to have all 8 of my employees come back in with regular hours."

Dr. Ethelyn Pak, Dover Dental Clinic

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  • 3. We DELIVER. Our goal is to restore today’s files within 2 hours and everything within 24 hours

    Many Managed Service Providers and IT companies do not specialize in data backup and recovery, let alone HIPAA-compliant data backup and recovery.

    When you experience a problem, you will most likely be dealing with an inexperienced engineer or someone unfamiliar with your business’ requirements.

    This coupled with poor or unavailable help desk support can lead to additional frustration and stress at a time when you could do without it.

    Worse, it can lead to delays in restoring your data and additional costs.

    At CDS, our experts will take care of your data recovery for you. Our custom restore process guarantees your data is restored as quickly as possible and at no additional charge.

  • 4. Our Quick Restore Guarantee

    We know that every minute your business is down costs you money and customers, so our Backup + Recovery solution is designed to get your business back up and running in 2 hours, with a full data restore completed within 24 hours.

    Central Data Storage’s Backup + Recovery is a data backup and recovery solution specifically designed to comply with HIPAA requirements.

    Your entire file history – every version – is always protected and can be recovered quickly to any device when you need it.

    Our promise is to get your essential data back where it belongs within 24 hours.

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  • 5. Up to 3 months' FREE

    As if there weren’t enough reasons to switch to Central Data Storage today, we’ll also give you up to two months’ Backup + Recovery completely free if you pay for one year upfront:

    • Two-month free trial 

    • Free Encrypted Sharing for the length of your trial

    • Plus an extra one month free, providing a total of three months’ free data backup and recovery and saving on your total cost (available to annual subscribers only)

    • Lock in your pricing for the year (available to annual subscribers only)

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