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HIPAA-compliant data backup and recovery

HIPAA-compliant data backup and recovery

We understand it can be overwhelming when it comes to protecting your healthcare business and making sure you have the right data backup processes and disaster recovery plans in place, all while maintaining HIPAA compliance of your data.

Guide to Disaster Data Recovery Plan

Create Your Own Disaster Recovery Plan in 5 Steps!

This free guide gives you the 5 steps you need to survive any data disaster.
Stay a step ahead, and with the help of this guide, craft the perfect disaster recovery plan for your business.

Disaster Recovery Planning Checklist

Disaster Recovery Planning Checklist

This free Checklist walks you through the proper steps to backup and recover your data. With the help of this Checklist, you can develop a custom backup and recovery plan that ensures a potential data dilemma will never halt your business.

Encrypted file sharing checklist

Encrypted File Sharing and Communication Checklist

This free Checklist takes you through various scenarios when sharing PHI information, whether internally, externally or inter-office, to ensure you are HIPAA compliant when sharing your PHI confidential information.

How to Avoid the Hidden Costs of Cloud

How to Avoid the Hidden Costs of Cloud Backup

Did you know that you're paying for a lot more than just the cloud backup? We've compiled a list of all the hidden costs of your backup service, so that you can make an informed decision on which service is right for you.

CDS-HIPAA Compliant File Sharing Tips v1

HIPAA Compliant File Sharing and Messaging Tips

Are you using HIPAA compliant file sharing and messaging tools to share your PHI and business confidential information?
Here are some tips to help you confidently provide what your patients need.

Cyber Security Back up Recovery and Encyrpted File Sharing v01 130122

Healthcare Cybersecurity eGuide

Central Data Storage’s Healthcare Cybersecurity eGuide is here to help you protect your business from cybercrimes and help you share your data securely.

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