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How to Make Sure Your
HIPAA-Compliant Business Is Robust Enough to Weather Any Data Disaster:
A Practical Guide on Data Backup and Recovery


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With as much as 90% of data loss being attributed to human error, the ability to recover your critical practice and patient data quickly is something every healthcare business needs to be able to do. Can your business recover quickly from data loss?

At Central Data Storage, protecting your data is our only focus

We understand it can be overwhelming when it comes to protecting your healthcare business and making sure you have the right data backup processes and disaster recovery plans in place, all while maintaining HIPAA compliance of your data.
That’s why we’ve put together this practical guide.

This eBook will help you to:

  • Better understand your HIPAA requirements and how to ensure compliance at all times
  • Understand the impact of a data breach and what it could mean for your business
  • Understand what threatens your data and what is the most common cause of data loss
  • Discover what HIPAA-compliant data backup and recovery looks like
  • Find out what HIPAA-compliant encrypted messaging and file sharing involves
  • Define clear steps to take as part of your data disaster recovery planning
  • Know what to do when disaster strikes and additional implications to consider

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"We chose to work with Central Data Storage because as a dental clinic we needed to not only ensure our data was backed up and available, but that it was HIPAA-compliant at all times. The Central Data Storage team have been great to work with – very friendly, always on hand to help and clearly experts when it comes to data recovery management. Thank you."

Dr. Condello @ Oceans Dental


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